The Bangalore Watch Company

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New Launches: Bangalore Watch Company

The Bangalore Watch Company

The city of Bangalore is famous for many things: India’s first garden city, significance to India’s contribution to the technology industry, and salubrious climate all year round. An oft-forgotten fact is that it is the first city in India to house two famous watchmakers from the subcontinent; the now-defunct HMT, and Hegde & Golay.

In honour of these memories of Bangalore’s watchmaking past, couple Nirupesh Joshi and Mercy Amalraj have launched the debut collection of their new brand, Bangalore Watch Company. (

Inspired by the world of fine watchmaking overseas, Nirupesh and Mercy left their tech-careers behind in Hong Kong to start what is perhaps the world’s first Indian origin watch microbrand.

The founders’ view of the horology scene in India ist that the market is bipolar: there are the luxury watchmakers on one side, with their extensive distribution channels, and then there are the mass-produced brands in different segments at the other end. Watch microbrands have gained immense populartity from watch enthusiasts due to their affordability and unique style.

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