Bow Chow SuperDog

Wow-Chow for the Bow

The brand introduces a fresh flavor for man’s best friend which and wishes to be a one-stop point for all pet needs.

BowChow SuperDog is a high protein, proportioned, prepacked diet for dogs depending on their age, activity level, and weight. The brand works on a daily delivery model, wherein the pet owners can pick a subscription package according to their needs and wants. We sat down with Ashwin Kashyap Raghuraman to discuss his venture and how he went about it.

Excerpts from the conversation:

  1. Tell us how and the brand started and your inspiration behind it.

The inspiration stemmed from an observation that I had made. I clearly noticed the enthusiasm in which the dogs ate the freshly cooked food when compared to dry food.

So, I used to look up a lot of recipes online to feed a nutritious meal to my dogs. I tried a lot permutation and combination of recipes to see how my dogs like the flavor. Sometimes my friends could call and complain their dog has not eaten in xyz days and what to do, and I would give them suggestions over the phone and on one such phone call, a friend made a joke about how I should make this a business.

  1. How has the journey been, considering that pet food is still a very niche segment in the market?

Starting a business is never easy, to start something that nobody has done before it’s even more difficult. To start with, there are the giants in the DRY FOOD space. But here’s is where I saw an opportunity. Over the years, I could clearly see how people were unhappy with dry food because it was slowly killing their pets.

So, the main goal for me was to make fresh food really easy and convenient to feed our pets. My journey was and still is to make people understand the benefits of freshly cooked food over Dry Food.

  1. What is the USP of your product and what makes it different from its competitors?

USP is simple – “fresh cooked chicken and rice delivered to your doorstep.” I source good quality chicken and rice directly from the poultry farm and rice mill to ensure quality, cost, and flavor. After a lot of trial and error and expert opinion from vets I now have a chicken and rice ratio which all dogs enthusiastically eat.

On the preparation front, I, after coming across a world war II technology which uses pressure and temperature variations, decided to utilize this to give the product a better shelf life.


The brand wishes to stand up for the welfare of the pets, with its healthier alternatives, and break the current stereotypes associated with the pet-food industry. Simply put Bow Chow Super Dog puts “PETS BEFORE PROFITS.”


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