Champs Fleur: Florals that last a year 

Florals that last a year 

Champs Fleur specializes in offering flawless long-lasting roses that allows you to truly feel and rediscover the beauty and evocative nature of the flower.

Creating a business isn’t always about inventing something that nobody has ever seen before, sometimes it’s distinguishing sore spots and improving on them that makes all the difference. Greek philosopher Plato said ‘Necessity is the mother of all inventions’ and certainly need does give birth to innovation. And this has been the driving factor for the 25-year-old youngster, Chitra Das, to start the one-of-its-kind concept of preserving flora.

Brand Beginnings

A bespoke rose atelier based in Hyderabad, Champs Fleur being India’s first end to end preserved floral boutique, was founded in the year 2017 by Australia born, Chitra Das with an aim to provide a flawless personalized experience backed by seamless customer support.

Champs Fleur is the first end-to-end preserved floral boutique in India that specializes in offering flawless long-lasting roses that are a true statement of luxury. It was her journey to build a brand that is foremost in offering luxurious long-lasting roses stemmed from the simple desire to be closer to nature and to the colorful garden.

About Champs Fleur

Every Champs Fleur rose is organically grown and is completely free from hazardous chemicals. The proprietary four-step preservation process that uses natural ingredients allows Champs Fleur to combine the beauty and goodness of natural roses with the immortality of inanimate ones, transforming them into long-lasting roses while preserving the same freshness and feel. Her vision behind the company was to position long-lasting preserved roses as a symbol of luxury and style.

USP of the Brand

A Personalised Luxurious Experience

Roses have always been synonymous with luxury and royalty and Champs Fleur aims to take the tradition of gifting roses to new heights by offering real roses that last a year. Champs Fleur is committed to providing a unique and customized experience to patrons who see roses as a personal statement

Inspired by Freshness

The roses are sourced from around the world and are picked at their finest and preserved on their best day to ensure that every preserved rose completely captures the beauty that is symbolized by a flower.

Product Range

Champs Fleur’s products include the Solitaire, the Comme le Verre, Wondertale collection and the Lumière and the brand looks to expand into more classic lines and a variety of flowers. The creations vary from single, long-stemmed infinity roses to elegant and stylish cardboard boxes with 49 roses each that are available in an array of colors that include jet black, vivid purple, navy, bright yellow and blood red.

Good to Know


Price: Ranges from 2,499 to 12,999.

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