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Stimulate designs has Innovated World’s Most Comfortable Insole System, Which Will Increase the comfortability of High Heels to 30-40%. Yes! Your Read it Right, Comfort in Heels.

Technology– Stimulate designs has Invented the World’s Most Comfortable Insole System, which can increase the comfortability of existing High Heels to 35%. They have replaced conventional steel re-inforced insole boards with high-performance plastic which results in better pressure distribution, more stability, and lesser energy expenditure. Every component used in the Process is meticulously selected(Like NASA Grade Foam).

For testing the product we have conducted a Mass survey in the Delhi region where we asked Frequent High Heel users to compare the comfortability of their Product with standard heels after doing wear trials. They have also conducted multiple technical tests among the prominent footwear Labs across the globe and achieved astonishing results. After achieving the desired results we are confident that their technology will be a game-changer in the Fashion Industry.

Target–  Global revenue of High Heels is nearly 34.1 billion USD; the actual production is about 832 million pairs. Most Women in High Heels face major injuries and chronic pain. They aim to combat this Global problem and make Fashion pain-free. Their vision is to replace every mediocre insole with high performing one in all high heeled footwear globally. This would help fashion brands earn more profits by satisfying their customers.

They have recently exhibited in the World’s biggest footwear Event “LINEA PELLE Milan” where they presented their Technology to Global Brands, All of them applauded their Technology and were keen to place orders.

In the future, a certain percentage of Stimulate’s profit would go to empowering underprivileged children. The aim is not to create an NGO, but research and improve the ones which are already there. The focus would be to create an emotional space which feels like home to abandoned kids where they don’t feel away from their families, deprived of love and care.

Team– Stimulate Designs is a team of Finest Experts and Professionals from Different Backgrounds. The team comprises of Polymer Scientist, BioMechanist and Mechanical Engineer and Visual designer who contributed their knowledge in building this Innovation.

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