Naturals Ice Cream starts afresh, resumes operations with 8 New flavours

What’s New!

Naturals Ice Cream or Naturals, India’s leading ice cream brand, is focusing on safety first as it plans to resume operations with online deliveries of its 8 new seasonal flavors.

In line with the summer season and keeping their bestselling variants in mind, they will resume with Mango, Tender Coconut, Chickoo, Roasted Almond, Anjeer, Choco Bite, Malai and Malai Khurma flavors. All of these are deseeded at the factory and then put through the manufacturing process, to make sure there is 100% control over the production. Ice-creams at Naturals, as always, are made with only three ingredients – fresh fruits, milk, and sugar. With no preservatives, it retains the most authentic flavor of the original fruits.


What: 8 New flavors at Natural Ice Cream

When: Ongoing

Where: Order on Swiggy and Zomato


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