Smaart Eats India launches Smaart Blooming Teas

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Are you a tea lover and someone who cannot do without his/her daily cup of tea? Well, there is good news for you. Smaart Eats, India has recently launched Smaart Blooming Teas, their exotic range of handcrafted tea blends in its purest form. These teas have the goodness of tradition and a touch of modernity that unlocks many health benefits. With so many benefits in just a cup of tea and which just soothes your taste buds and lifts your mood with just a sip, you definitely cannot resist it.

Smaart Blooming Teas is available in 7 different aromatic flavors without any preservatives or artificial flavoring. Listed below are the various flavors that are available for all tea lovers.

  1. Classic Green Tea:An all-rounder blooming teas!

It is an “Antiaging” beverage in the world of health drinks, green tea is a great metabolism booster and a stress reliever with a soothing and relaxing taste that is enjoyed by all.

  1. Luscious Rose:A beauty- tea with fitness powers!

An outstanding elevator for menstrual cramps and mood swings, rose tea is a faith healer and relaxer! Highly rich in antioxidants and antibacterial properties, it reduces the severity of allergies. This tea also works great even for treating liver, cancer and diabetic patients. With the sweet aroma of a rose, Luscious Rose tea is just the right option to lift your mood on a dull and low day.

  1. Ambrosial Jasmine: A tea with bundles of essence and health!

A gentle eye-opener and full of antioxidants, jasmine tea promotes good immunity. It may also be a good choice in adopting a heart-healthy lifestyle. Having antibacterial properties, jasmine tea also acts as a good fighter against bacteria and microbes. It is a wonderful healer in joint pain too. If you are a Jasmine tea lover, Ambrosial Jasmine Tea is just the right option for you to delight your soul.

  1. Minty Chamomile:A tea for the gentle calmness!

This tea variant is rich with calming properties and promotes sleep quality. It’s soothing effects on the body, relieves anxiety. A metabolism enhancer, Skin Conditioner and stress buster. A perfect cup of tea with all the health benefits and the right taste of the perfect blend of mint and chamomile.

  1. Divine Tulsi Mint:A tea with sacred properties!

With full healing properties, this tea helps in relieving seasonal cough, cold and fever and respiratory illness. One knows it for enhancing immunity, beating stress and even for subsiding symptoms of depression. It maintains oral health helping you combat against harmful germs in the mouth. A perfect combination of tulsi and mint with an earthy taste, is just too difficult to resist.

  1. Kashmiri Kahwa:A winter tea with soul-warming effects!

A perfect infusion of warm Indian spices including cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper, green tea, black tea, salt and saffron, this tea keeps warm from inside and takes you straight to your memories in Kashmir. It is great for improved digestion, burning fat, and reducing the risk of heartaches. It helps in charging the body’s immune response, along with giving a glow to the skin. If you are craving some Kashmiri Kahwa along with the comfort of your home this is the best option for you.

  1. Indian Spice:A vintage tea with evergreen benefits!

An ideal tea with the exotics of Indian spices like clove, cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, ginger and green tea, believed to be a great immunity booster. It is loaded with anti-inflammation and anti-oxidizing properties in it and also aids in digestive issues. It is a boon for heart, lungs, intestine and dental health. A cup of tea to soothe your cravings for tea with a tinge of spiciness.


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