Stay sustainable with Bageeya.

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Bageeya’s range of clothing takes birth from natural dyes, for centuries believed to have medicinal properties. The prints and textures on each article are uniquely formed using actual leaves and flowers. A sustainable label, Bageeya handcrafts their range with natural /handwoven fabrics like Kala cotton, linen, silks, and chanderi procured from weavers that entails – Natural & Eco-dyed unisex shirts, stoles, reversible kimonos, saris, chunaris and zero waste earrings. Their Reversible Kimonos are a signature and globally fast selling. Their palette has had natural dyes from Flowers like Marigold, Tesu, Semal, Rose, Hibiscus. Pomegranate peels, Harad, Lac, Myrobalan, Walnut, Madder, Katha, Cutch, Indigo with Eco-dyes using Leaves of Eucalyptus, Papaya, Rose petals & leaves.

Where: Available online through their social media accounts

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